Dear participants of the Maya workshop, please bring your own laptop loaded with a trial version of Autodesk Maya to the workshop.

You have 2 options to install a trial version of Maya:

1) a "regular" trial version which lasts 30 days:

2) an academic trial version of the software which lasts for 13 months instead of the usual 30 days (but for which you need to provide a bit more information): you will need to create an account using an academic e-mail address at the following link:

Once they confirm your academic status (should only take a couple of days), you will then gain access to the Autodesk 'Education Community' website. In the 'Software Downloads' section, you can then download the trial version of Maya 2011 for your operating system.

Here are the system and hardware requirements to run Maya as posted on the
regular Autodesk website:

System requirements:

Hardware requirements:

Note that if your computer and/or graphics card is not in the qualified charts listed, you may still be able to run Maya, so I recommend trying to install the software anyway.